Energy Modeling

We offer energy modeling services of all types.  Owners, contractors, architects and even our engineering peers benefit from our services.  We will use our vast knowledge of energy modeling and building systems to accurately simulate your project and compare it to as many alternatives as possible.  Energy models may be used for LEED certification, energy savings verification, energy savings project funding, and life-cycle cost analyses.

LEED Administration

We have extensive experience in the USGBC LEED Certification process.  Andrew Mitchell is even a expert, providing advice to users around the world about how to get their projects to meet program prerequisites and achieve credits.  Whether you need help on a few credits, or if you need a LEED Administrator to lead the project team to certification, we are here for you.

Energy Efficiency Consulting

We offer third party energy efficiency consulting for all project types.  If energy efficiency and sustainable design are priorities for your project, we can offer services to maximize both.  Our industry leaders will review proposed designs and model energy cases to uncover every energy saving opportunity available to your project.

Energy Auditing

Building owners and operators will benefit from energy auditing services.  Our professional team will audit your building to find all energy saving opportunities.  Energy conservation measures will include everything from deferred maintenance to facility improvements that will provide economic payback over time.

Florida Energy Code and Rebate Documentation

We offer services to document building energy efficiency for Florida Building Code requirements using energy gauge software.  These calculations are required to receive building permits in the state.  We also provide all required documentation for lucrative energy rebates available through federal, state and local governments.