HVAC Design


Our HVAC design knowledge and experience is second to none.  We have performed system design for every type of system from single zone split system DX units, to energy recovery VAV units with active chilled beams and more.  We have the tools to take your project to the next level.

  • Building HVAC Design
  • Building Automation System Controls Design
  • Laboratory Design
  • Fume Hoods
  • Air Handling Unit Replacement
  • Server Room HVAC
  • Chiller Design
  • Boiler Plant Design
  • Process Cooling Design
  • Hydronic Design

Electrical Design

Our extensive electrical design knowledge and experience includes systems of all types and sizes.  From primary power and secondary feeder design, to site lighting, new buildings and renovations, we will ensure that all of your needs are met.

  • Power Distribution Design
  • Lighting Design & Photometrics
  • Emergency Lighting Design
  • Site Lighting Design
  • Generator Backup Power Design
  • Server UPS Backup Power Design
  • Lightning Protection Design
  • Building Load Calculations
  • Building Service Upgrade Design
  • Service Primary Coordination & Design
  • Electrical Design & Support for Process-Specific Equipment

Plumbing Design


Our plumbing design experience includes every type of system from simple domestic and sanitary systems, to healthcare, laboratory and even sea water system design.  Whatever plumbing requirements your project has, we are the experts for the job.

  • Building Domestic Water Design
  • Building Sanitary Waste and Vent Design
  • Medical Gas Design
  • Natural Gas Design
  • Laboratory Gas Design
  • Acid Waste and Vent System Design
  • Storm System Design
  • Water Saving Renovation Design
  • Custom Fixture and Feature Design

Fire Protection Design

Our fire protection design experience has elevated Mitchell Gulledge Engineering to a class of its own.  We have extensive knowledge of stem types from commercial, residential, rural and ESFR systems.  We work closely with local Authorities to ensure that project goals are in line with code requirements and the officials’ interpretations.  We have experience working alongside fire protection sub contractors to ensure that the permitted design is the one that will best meet the needs of the project while reducing costs for the owner.

  • Fire Protection System Design
  • Residential and Commercial Systems
  • ESFR Design
  • Dry Pipe System Design
  • Preaction (Server Room) System Design
  • Fire Pump Design
  • Fire Pump Replacement
  • Hydraulic Calculations
  • Rural Storage Water System Design

Telecommunications Design

Our staff qualifications include BICSI Certified Registered Communications Distribution Designer.  We can provide designs to meet all of your needs.  Our expertise allows us to design a full telecommunications system from the ISP backbone to the telecommunications room and distribution design.

  • Telecommunications Distribution Design
  • Access Control Systems
  • Audio-Visual Systems
  • Fire Alarm IT Interface
  • Mass Notification Systems

System Analyses and Reports

We offer a full range of system assessments, analyses and reports.  No matter what your system type is, we will send out a highly qualified engineer to assess all of its components and document existing conditions.  All system assessments are brought into the office and looked over by a diverse team to ensure that every angle is analyzed, and finally, a comprehensive and easy to read report is generated.  The final report will assist the owner and serve as a road map to get the system where they want it to be.

  • Code Compliance Reports
  • HVAC System Analysis
  • Humidity/Moisture Analysis
  • Energy Assessments
  • Plumbing System Assessment
  • Fire Protection System Analysis
  • TAB Review
  • Indoor Environmental Quality Analysis
  • Occupant Comfort Report