Advanced Building Commissioning

UM COX NEURO FE FANSWe offer the full spectrum of Commissioning Services at Mitchell Gulledge Engineering.  Advanced Building Commissioning will ensure building owners and operators that all building systems are operating correctly and efficiently.

The commissioning process should be started at project inception, be carried out through the entire duration of design and construction, and continue into the occupancy period.  We work directly for the owner as their advocate to ensure that proposed designs meet their intent and are reasonable for the project.  We commission systems of every type from small buildings to inter-disciplinary laboratories and even chilled water and boiler plants.  Commissioning is easily one of the best return on investment decisions that an owner can make.

Retro-Commissioning and Recommissioning


We provide everything you need to recommission your building after occupancy, or to retro-commission your building that never went through the commissioning process.  We meet with owners to develop a specific plan in order to carry out the commissioning process, define commissioning goals, and discuss the extent of services.


Once all of the scope questions are answered, we get to work.  A team of experts will complete the commissioning process and the owner will receive a detailed final report with recommendations for building improvements to meet their needs.  We always collaborate with the right design expert in or office, so that you can rest assured that our recommendations are exactly the path that should be followed.

LEED Certification Commissioning

UF UAA SW STADIUM (1)Whether you are pursuing certification under USGBC LEED NC, LEED CI or LEED EBOM, we are the team for you.  We have been involved in more than 50 LEED Certified Projects in the State of Florida.  We know exactly what it takes to perform the commissioning process and meet all of the USGBC criteria for prerequisite and points.  Let’s work together to get to a higher level of sustainability and energy efficiency.

Building Code Commissioning

The Florida Building Code Seventh Edition (2020) requires that some mechanical systems be commissioned in order to receive occupancy approval.  The requirements of the commissioning are listed in Section C408 of the Energy Conservation Code.  If your systems fall under this requirement, rest assured that we know exactly what you need.  We will tailor a services package that will meet the needs of the building code and improve your project’s success without breaking your budget.