Mitchell Gulledge Engineering is a company of people.  Real people with real families.  We believe in a culture of collaboration where open dialog and creativity create a sustainable and efficient working environment.

Our engineering practice is based on always doing the right thing.  We take time to do it right, so we don’t need to make time to do it over.  We are committed to working toward common goals with our internal and contracted teams to deliver projects on time, in budget, and most importantly, properly designed.


Andrew Mitchell, PE, CxA, LEED AP BD+C


Andrew has spent more than 11 years practicing engineering as a mechanical engineer for projects of many different types.  From small office renovations to multi-disciplinary laboratories, his design knowledge has a breadth and depth that in uncommon amongst MEP professionals.  Mr. Mitchell is proficient in the design of HVAC Systems and Controls, Plumbing system and fire protection systems.  He has extensive experience as engineer of record for all of these systems.  His design experience includes more than 50 projects that focused on energy efficiency or LEED Certification.


Craig Gulledge, PE, CxA, LEED AP BD+C


Craig has been performing MEP services for more than 13 years and has stood out amongst his peers as an expert in the field.  Craig’s vast knowledge allows him to effectively execute projects of all types and scales.  He specializes in the design of HVAC systems and controls.  With extensive experience designing complex systems for laboratories, central energy plants, healthcare facilities and Universities, he has an unmatched ability to provide MEP services.

Evelyn Dicks - Web

Evelyn Dicks, PE, CxA, MBA

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Director of Business Development

Evelyn has been providing MEP design and commissioning services for more than 10 years.  She has quickly become known for her project management skills and expertise in HVAC systems design and controls.  Her background has provided a range of experiences allowing her to design complex HVAC systems in accordance with industry codes and standards.  Because she has spent her career both designing and commissioning systems, she knows exactly how systems are installed and will operate.


Andy McCaddin, PE, RCDD, LEED AP BD+C

Electrical Engineer


Andy has more than 10 years of electrical engineering with an emphasis in institutional and laboratory design. He specializes in power, lighting design, sustainability, and telecommunications. He has consistently performed above and beyond his peer group. With extreme attention to detail and an unmatched technical knowledge of all systems, he delivers projects of the highest standard.

Peter Rizov

Peter Rizov, PE

Senior Electrical Engineer

Mr. Rizov has more than 20 years of experience in electrical engineering of power, lighting, emergency, generation and low-voltage systems.  The projects he worked on range from shell buildings, tenant improvements, to new commercial and educational buildings and sites, totaling over two thousand projects in the span of over twenty years.  Depth of his involvement in projects ranges from pre-design consulting, design, bid support, construction administration, closeout inspections, to post occupancy surveys for the project budgets ranging from several-thousand dollars system replacement to multi-million-dollar replacement, improvements, and new construction.


Ark Szczurowski, PE, CxA

Mechanical Engineer

Ark has been providing MEP design and commissioning services for more than 10 years. He has risen to the top of his field as an expert in HVAC systems design and controls. His extensive background has provided an unparalleled ability to understand the complex control systems for all type of HVAC designs. Because he has spent his career both designing, and commissioning systems, Mr. Szczurowski is able to understand exactly how systems are installed and will operate. This expertise leads to projects that are built with very few, or even no, change orders or schedule delays.

Chrisopher Waldo

Christopher Waldo, EI, LEED Green Associate

Mechanical Engineer

Mr. Waldo has worked in the MEP field for 4 years while he was pursuing his BSME. During this time, he worked as a consulting designer as well as an institutional owner’s representative. This blend of design experience and ongoing system management allows Chris to design with an effective and thoughtful approach.

Lynsey Wrenn - Web

Lynsey Wrenn

Mechanical Engineer

Lynsey has extensive experience both in plumbing and fire protection systems design. Her experience in HVAC product design and specialty hydronic system applications gives her a unique ability to assess projects and implement solutions. Her understanding of systems and diversity of perspectives makes her a great asset to our team.

Beth Flick - Web

Beth Flick

Electrical Designer

BIM Manager

With over 10 years of electrical engineering design experience, Beth is an indispensable member of our team. She specializes in power, lighting design, fire alarm systems, lightning protection, and telecommunications.  With great skill and extensive experience in Building Information Modeling, Beth also plays a vital role as our BIM manager.

Trish_Bullock - Web

Trish Bullock

Project Coordinator


Trish has performed Administrative Services for over 25 years, with more than 10 years dedicated to Project Coordination and Commissioning.  With additional experience in Marketing, she will have an active and vital role in all of the projects at Mitchell Gulledge.